True Church

by Kokiche Kurosaki

When the Lord walked on earth, He praised the "great faith" of a centurion and balmed the "little faith" of the disciples. He acknowledged the faith of a sinful woman, a leper, a woman suffering with a flow of blood, and a blind man by saying, "your faith has saved you."

In each case no doctrines, institutions or ceremonies were involved. Those who simply relied wholly on the Lord Himself were accepted, their sins forgiven, and thus they were saved.

The only condition was that they have faith in Christ personally -- that they engage in a living contact with Him. Where there was this "faith," there was the beginning of the Ekklesia. Through koinonia they became one with Christ, and He bacame their Lord.

In a word, Christianity has its center in God Himself and in the fellowship men have with Him.

This fellowship of God with believers through the Spirit is the answer to the question of what faith is. It is also the answer to what the true Ekklesia is.