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by Dee Dee Winter

Dear George,

I “baptized” a dear friend tonight. He is a friend from 30 years ago…a dashing man in his youth … Robert Redford type. He had a stroke about 8 years ago. A couple of years before that my husband had him on his mind SO STRONGLY that he went out at midnight to look for him and found him walking across a motel parking lot on his way to take his life. Gary brought him home and I presented Christ to him. About two weeks later he had a very dramatic encounter with Jesus. I let him go after that knowing that “He who began a good work in him would complete it in the day of Christ Jesus”. He has also been alcoholic for many years.

I had a very strong dream about him a couple of weeks ago and finally reached him in Houston. We caught up on old friends and then got to the good stuff. He said he could not get it off his mind that all he has gone through has been a result of his sins. I told him that Jesus paid the price for ALL he had done. All he had to do was receive it. Told him to tell God he did not believe or understand it, but that he would take it and for God to make it real to him. I then told him “God be damned; us be damned; everything be damned if we had to pay for what we had done. There would never be enough we could do to pay for our sins! He just started weeping!!!

God is SO good at completing that which He has begun…even many years ago. I know he is on the way up after such a long time of agony.