Christ As Us
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by Michael Daniel

Could it be that all things were created in the “Unseen” before the foundation of the world and are simply being manifested in the realm of the “seen”, moment by moment? What if True Creation is within God, Who is Spirit, and what we are experiencing in the material realm is the formation (as the Potter forms the clay) which is only an image of the True Reality within God? Could all that we see, hear, taste, touch and smell merely be a material reflection of the True Creation that is ONE in His Eternal Spirit? Could it be that we have already been made one (past tense) with the Living God in Christ and that the lie of separation hinders us from knowing it? Could it be that we have been conned into thinking that we have a separate life apart from God, therefore impregnating the ill-gotten idea into the feeble grey pulp that we could be self-sufficient and apart from God, needing something or someone other than God? Is that not the arrogance of the human ego still gorging itself from the tree of knowledge? Knowledge is from the external and puffs up to the point of thinking we're something quite special, even something at all. Knowing is revealed from none other than the Holy Spirit of the Living God within, and humbles us to the point of death, even to the point of nothing.

Just what does it mean to deny self? Could it be simply that I am not and that He is? The lie is I. The Truth is “I Am”. One, One and only ONE! So simple, a little child knows.

This is not a concept that can be explained, analyzed, theorized, theologized, rationalized, opinionated or reasoned through the pathetic, pitifully limited lump of cranial clay. This is the “ONE” that IS GOD and to even remotely attempt to define the Omnipotent, Sovereign, Almighty God or prove His existence through ANY human effort is futility and the utmost exaltation of man.

Dare we continue the idiocy of trying to explain God through human metaphorical language? Dare we persist in the use of paltry human thoughts, words and efforts to describe and understand God? How dare we say to anyone what the Almighty God wants or doesn’t want or what He will do or not do! Just who do we think we are? If at all times in all situations and circumstances we are not pointing others to the Holy Spirit of God within them we are thieves and liars. Far too long have we emphasized the container over the Contents. The Spirit gives Life. The flesh profits nothing.

One Way, One Truth, One Life! One and only ONE!

But don’t believe a word I say or write. After all...who am I?

Written May 21st and 22nd 2007