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Fargle Goosebargle’s Got Nothing To Say
by Michael Daniel “Uncle Mike”

It seems nowadays there’s much meaningless talk,
Of this and of that people squeak and they squawk;
From businessmen, preachers and most politicians,
They say magic words like the greatest magicians.

With worthless opinions and ideas and thoughts,
They go on and on and it all comes to naught.
Writing millions of books that say “Do it my way!”
Sometimes I just wish they would all go away.

But when you ask Fargle just what he might think,
He won’t say a word he’ll just give you a wink,
And smile as if saying, “You have a nice day.”
Cause Fargle Goosebargle’s got nothing to say.

“That boy drives me nuts”, Mayor Mugduggle said.
“He won’t say a word, why he’s out of his head.
I asked him just yesterday what he had thought;
Of all the nice things that the city has bought.”

“And all the new freeways we’re building these days,
He just shook his head and then wandered away.
That Fargle Goosebargle has just got to go.
That’s the way that I see it, and I ought to know.”

“That boy is a menace”, Mrs. Flapplejaw shouted.
“We’ll get rid of him there’s no two ways about it.
He won’t get involved in my fundraising spree,
It’s for saving the snails and the slugs, don’t you see?”

“And we’ll need a fortune, we have to erect,
New statues and fountains but as you’d expect,
Fargle Goosebargle will not turn a hand,
We’ll be much better off when from here he is banned.”

“I know what you mean”, the right Reverend Wright said.
“I asked him ‘bout God and you know what he did?
He just grinned at me grinning the silliest grin,
Why he must be possessed, he must be full of sin.”

“He won’t come to church; he won’t tithe one red cent,
And we need a much bigger building to rent,
I’m with you all, we must kick him right out,
He’s no good for religion of that there’s no doubt.”

And so one by one all the town council spoke,
Then they called for the verdict and tallied the vote,
And the vote was unanimous; no one said “Nay”,
They would banish poor Fargle Goosebargle today!

And as they were ranting their utter nonsense,
Wise Raven was perched on a very near fence.
Listening closely to their every word,
Then he flew off to tell Fargle all he had heard.

Now when Raven told Fargle of what they had planned,
He knew that he finally must make a stand.
So he gathered the children from far and from near;
The homeless, the helpless from there and from here.

Fargle gathered the weak and the old and confused;
The fearful, the hungry, the hurt and abused,
And he led every one to the steps of town hall;
The outcasts, unwanted he brought one and all.

When the town council heard the commotion outside,
They ran to the front doors and opened them wide,
Their eyes popped right out and their jaws hit the floor.
They had never seen anything like it before.

Mayor Mugduggle shouted; “Goosebargle what’s this?”
And the right Reverend Wright began shaking his fist.
Mrs. Flapplejaw gasped and turned white as a sheet,
As the riff-raff and hooligans stood at her feet.

Mayor Mugduggle bellowed; “Goosebargle you swine!
Why’d you bring all these nuts are you out of your mind?
You get right out of here, take these beggars away.
You must all leave at once, you must leave town TODAY!”

Right Reverend Wright shouted; “We’ve taken a vote!
There’s no room in this town for such indecent folk!
Why for all that I care you can just disappear,
Like the Mayor has said, YOU ALL GET OUT OF HERE!”

Then Fargle Goosebargle with determined pace,
Walked right up to them all; looked them right in the face.
Then Raven while perching on Goosebargle’s arm,
Shouted; “Stop your accusing, you’ve done enough harm!”

“You’ve all wagged your fingers, and looked down your noses.
You’ve passed your harsh judgments and wrongful proposes,
Wasted millions of dollars on meaningless flash,
While these people go hungry and dig through the trash.”

“You’ve neglected the children and all turned your backs,
And on helpless old people you’ve launched your attacks.
While you all live the life of luxuriant kings,
You treat everyone else like they don’t mean a thing.”

“And the one person trying to help them the most,
You accuse and condemn and you brag and you boast,
Of how you are so great and how he is so bad,
You’re pathetically prideful and sickeningly sad.”

“While Fargle was selfless and came to their heed,
You all taunted and teased magnifying your greed.
Fargle fed all the hungry while you all grew fat,
Feeding all of your egos with meaningless chat.”

“Because Fargle Goosebargle refused to explain,
You slammed him with insults and slandered his name,
But he took all the hurt and was mild and was meek,
Fargle just kept on loving and turning his cheek.”

“So Mayor, Mrs. Flapplejaw, right Reverend Wright,
Are you proud of yourselves, will you sleep well tonight?
Knowing how you’ve neglected the people in need,
And ignored what’s important while other hearts bleed!”

Then Fargle did something no one could expect.
He took all the money he’d worked to collect,
And gave to the Reverend and Mrs. Flapplejaw,
As the whole town and Mayor just stood there in awe.

Then Fargle gathered the lost and the found,
And giving a wink and then spinning around,
He and the poor people just walked away.
And there was a difference made there that day.

For what good are words when nobody will hear?
It does nothing when no one will lend you an ear.
So Fargle Goosebargle just did what he could,
And trusted in God to do all that He would.

So some day if you should run into a child,
That doesn’t say much and just gives you a smile,
I hope you will love him for that’s just his way,
Cause Fargle Goosebargle’s got nothing to say…

But everything to give!

In Memory of Debbie Hall,
Who I never met, but always knew.