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Works Without Faith
by Michael Daniel

Contrary to popular belief it is not blasphemy or heresy to challenge or question the writers of the New Testament. In this case it would be James. The famous, or should we say infamous quote from James has echoed throughout Christendom and the world that, “Faith without works is dead”. This throws one into a fanatical frantic frenzy of futility when the person is so deceived that they think through their humanity and the flesh anything can be accomplished.

When works are emphasized over and above faith, faith itself is denied. It just so happens that there has never been nor ever will be anyone who in and of their humanity could even conjure up the slightest smidgen of faith let alone do anything as a result of false faith produced by the flesh. Does it not stand to reason that if any of us humans could create, multiply, magnify, amplify or increase faith in and of ourselves we would but merely have to blink (if even that) and we could transport to the farthest ends of the galaxy? So if faith cannot be achieved or accomplished or earned just how are we supposed to have it and do something as a result of it?

The phrase, “Faith without works” puts the focus and emphasis on “works” through fear does it not? I will control you and millions of others if I make you afraid that God will be angry or disappointed in you if YOU don’t get out there and DO something. I’ll control and manipulate you to an even greater extent if I deceive you into thinking that you have ZERO faith if YOU don’t get out there and do something. Once again the question arises as to WHOSE faith it is if humanity cannot attain to it? Here is where the flip-flop occurs.

Works without faith is useless and that faith is the inner working of the Spirit of God and is the only true faith yesterday, today and forever. It is the faith of God through Christ in the Spirit of God and it is His indwelling Spirit that moves and does from within. It is literally the Faith OF God Almighty Himself! Attempting to create or increase faith through ANY human or worldly means will only result in “filthy rags”.

Here are a few very important and extremely relevant questions. Who SHOULD the emphasis and credit and glory be upon? Should the “I” be denied or the “I Am”? Should YOU be exalted or God? Do you want others to look at YOU and think YOU are hot stuff and that it is YOU who is the “doer”? Or that it is the living Spirit of God within that “Is and moves and does” and it is HE that others should recognize as the true and ONLY Life?

How is it that in the beginning GOD created man for HIS purpose but that in today’s world, and let the word WORLD be emphasized, that man has re-created God for man’s purpose? How is it that somehow the unchangeable and unchanging Sovereign God has been reduced and rendered down to a pathetic pleader and servant of man and man’s whims? Is it now the FLESH that begets and is the Spirit that profits nothing?
Must God now be worshiped through MAN and the systems of the world or is true worship in and through and by the Spirit of God? Just WHEN and HOW did God change and just WHEN and HOW did Jesus become a liar? Just when did God become dependent on man?

The lack of awe and reverence for God Almighty today is revolting and abhorrent to say the least. It is deplorable, not to mention ridiculously arrogant to think of God as a servant of man. If God formed and fashioned ANYTHING out of need then how can He be the one and only Self-sufficient Sovereign Omnipotent God?

It seems nowadays that religion, and included in that is much of what is preached and taught in Christianity as well, is a God who is ever changing and altering His purposes to accommodate the will and mind and desires of man instead of “HIS WILL being done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Was Jesus pleading with God, merely hoping that God would do His will or was Christ Making a bold statement of fact that God WOULD accomplish His will?

Once again we come to the question of who SHOULD be acknowledged as the Supreme One and the haunting and humbling question arises, “What does it mean to deny your self?”

Which is dead? Faith without works or works without faith?