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The Fearful Fleebles of Fleeblemazoom
by Mike Daniel

Way down in a hole that is far underground,
The Fleebles of Fleeblemazoom can be found.
They live in the dark and they never come out.
They’re always afraid and surrounded by doubt.

The problem with these little worrisome things,
Is that they can be made to believe anything.
So they live in the shadows in constant confusion,
Abysses of fear living life as illusion.

But the Fleebles were not always frightened this way.
They lived in the Shine and could laugh and could play.
They were free as the birds never needing to hide.
They were safe in the Shine, shining always inside.

The Shine guided the Fleebles just where they should go.
And taught them the things that all Fleebles should know.
They had all they needed, yes things were just fine.
The Fleebles were one living inside the Shine.

Then one scheming Fleeble got full of himself,
He thought he was better than everyone else.
And he got an idea in his Fleeble mind,
That he’d be the leader and outshine the Shine.

So he told all the Fleebles things needed to change,
He had all the answers and he’d rearrange,
Everything that the Fleebles had learned from the Shine,
So he could keep all of the Fleebles in line.

He promised them that and he promised them this.
He promised them all of the things they had missed.
He’d take them to places they never dreamed of,
That they needed much more than to just simply love.

Then one Fleeble said; “This just doesn’t seem right.
The Shine gives us all that we need day and night.
Now you’re talking of things we don’t have but should want,
Do you know everything and think we Fleebles don’t?”

“What you don’t realize”; said that sly Fleeble cad.
“Is that just in a wink things could really go bad.
You just think you’re secure and you’re safe in the Shine.
But I’ll tell you this it’s been keeping you blind.”

“There are things that can hurt you and things that attack,
Scary things that can haunt you and climb on your back.
I can keep them from coming to you in the night,
Let me be your protector, I’ll show you what’s right.”

“And you all need a plan that will help you succeed.
If you all follow me you’ll get all that you need.
I’ll take all your money and get you much more,
You’ll have gold by the gallons and riches galore.”

“So hear me you Fleebles, now what do you say?
Let me be your leader and get yours TODAY!
If you trust the Shine you will never improve.
You’ll just stay where you are in your flat Fleeble groove.”

Then said the one Fleeble who had ears to hear;
“First you tell fairy tales then you fill us with fear!
Then tempt us with greed then paint everything sunny,
And tell us you’ll make us gazillions more money.”

“You go back and forth then you go up and down.
You tell us we’re lost and how we can be found.
I don’t mean to be rude but now stable you’re not,
Cause one minute you’re cold then the next one you’re hot.”

“So why should we Fleebles put our trust in you?
Why you’re just one of us so what more can you do
Than the Shine who has been everything all our lives,
And given us all that we need to survive.”

“Fellow Fleebles we’d better believe in the Shine,
Or we could be deceived and go out of our minds.
There’s no need to worry with faith as our guide.
Don’t let this sly Fleeble fill your hearts with pride!”

But the Fleebles had been listening to every note,
That the faithless false Fleeble would worthlessly gloat,
He bragged in himself and took all of the glory,
And all that he said was just one great big story.

Then the sly Fleeble shouted; “You must heed my call!
And soon you will see I can improve you all!
And he led all the Fleebles to Fleeblemazoom,
To the underground cavern of impending doom.

In the darkness they wandered all night and all day,
While the sly Fleeble flaunted them every which way.
And he never kept one single promise he made,
While he kept up his carnival circus charade.

He surrounded himself with luxurious glob,
While the poor Fleebles cried and continued to sob.
They had turned from the Shine and believed in a fake,
Put their trust in a Fleeble for greediness’ sake.

And when they had come to the end of their rope,
And lost all their faith and had lost all their hope,
A glimmer of shimmering started to glow,
From deep in the darkness from far down below.

Then bursting full force turning night into day,
The Shine gathered the Fleebles and showed them the way,
And the Shine drew the Fleebles back into itself,
Causing all of the Fleebles to want nothing else.

No more were they fearful in Fleeblemazoom,
They were back in the Shine; had come out of their tomb.
Now the Shine shone much brighter than ever before.
And the darkened black hole would be never, no more.

So it might be that there is a lesson for us,
About whom we should turn to and who we should trust.
Because every system and every plan,
Will ultimately fail when devised by a man.

So could every answer just simply be,
To have faith in the One that we don’t have to see?
To have ears to hear when the Spirit will speak?
And just trust in God and in Him only seek?

Written October 12, 2008