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The Storms before the Calm
by Michael Daniel

We've all heard of the "calm before the storm" and so it is true, but how often do we reflect on what happens after the storm has passed?

The lightening flashes and the thunder rolls and the rains pelt down in raging torrents while winds howl and tear at the sky. We are so exceedingly fearful while the storm continues it's fury but then, almost in the blink of an eye, the storm has ceased its fierce frenzy and there is almost a ghost-like stillness and silence. Instinctively we lift our heads and breathe the deepest breath as our eyes are turned upward. The sky is continually clearing and there is the unmistakable crystal scent of clean.

The purifying storm has passed and the dreaded anticipation of the storms wrath is no more. The peace and comfort and ease that can only be experienced in the calm AFTER the storm is now manifest reality and our souls rest once again.

As we enter times of uncertainty and sufferings as we most assuredly will from time to time, we would all do well to anticipate the storms that ultimately befall us as being God's cleaning agents. It may be that we have to experience some pretty powerful storms to shake us and wake us and turn us totally and completely to the One and Only One Who can solve any and every problem. If that is how it must be then let us welcome the "Storms before the Calm" with great certainty that God IS in control and He will bring those who put total trust and faith in Him shining forth through His "Refining Fire".

“Through many trials and much tribulation we enter the Kingdom of God!”

Not when the body passes, but right here; right now for:

“The Kingdom of God is within you!”

Let us become humble and know that God created us for His eternal purpose, NOT man's. Let us remember that God formed and fashioned us for Himself, not for the whims and fancies and fleeting folly of man's imaginings. Let us cry out along with our blessed Savior; "THY WILL BE DONE" and lay in our Father's arms as nursing infants. Let us never again depend on anyone or anything but the Almighty God Who is our ALL!

Amen and amen!

Written October 29, 2008