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The World’s Poison
by Michael Daniel

In every aspect and in absolute actuality, the world calls those who would save it from itself not only enemies, but pure poison. The world must hate what it fears the most and the dread threat of those who call not the world their home and have no desire for the world or the things of it are destined to be vehemently hated if not expurgated. Such it was with Christ Himself and all who; “Take up the cross”.

It is hateful to the world that in order to truly know Christ and; “Come after Him”, one must; “Lose his life”. The one that would save the world from its suicidal, self-destruction is the very one that it so viciously desires to rid itself of once and for all. The world sees that soul as its mortal and eternal enemy; as poisonous and threatening to it as the most deadly viper.

So why, if in fact the one who can ultimately heal the world and bring about peace, harmony, rest and fulfillment, is the world so abhorrent and terrified of that soul? Why can the world not admit to its inadequacy and inability to fix itself? The answer is not only painfully simple, it is simply painful. The world loves itself!

The world is so passionately, completely and vainly in love with itself that the very thought of needing someone or something not of the world to right its wrongs and solve its problems is inadmissible and can never be envisioned. That thought is to the world as painful and agonizing as heart surgery performed without the use of anesthetic. So in the unending circle of egomaniacal effort, the world continually attempts to remedy itself.

The obvious thorn in the world’s side is that the world can never have enough of itself. The world is so enraptured with it’s self and is ravaged with such self-adoration, it must ever increase. It must spawn and grow and overtake, not because it needs more space or more anything, but simply because the world cannot ever be satisfied, no matter how much of it there is. It must constantly convince itself of its necessity and beauty and by any means justify its selfish appetite, self-preservation and expansion.

Ironically, a most dire fear of the world is that of being exposed. There is nothing more unstable and unsure of itself than the world, and it must constantly reassure it’s self that it is competent and capable. No matter how many times it fails, the world will never admit defeat and as with all who secretly know how out of control and unesteemed they are, the haunting doubt echoes; “Mirror, mirror on the wall…?”

So will the world ever know that the world’s poison is in reality…the world’s antidote?

Written November 27th 2008 Thanksgiving Day