Christ As Us
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Dedicated to my dear friend Uncle Mike
by Kristen Dillon

His bible lies on the table, splayed
Worn, tattered and frayed
Pages bent to keep the places
And post-its meant to capture the traces
Of the faith that clings to every page
Hidden in all the words
Written, meant to save
He sees the world is changing
And forever rearranging
Creating a contradicting hell
Altering the words his heart has come to know so well
He talks to all who will listen
In hopes of changing our fate
But in his heart he knows
That it is already too late

His eyes glisten with the knowledge
That only the years can bring
And as I watch him I wish I could dip my pen
Into the ink of his remembering
His madness is his sanity
His faith being is amity
I wish I could delve into
The depths of his intensity
In hopes to see the things he sees
In hopes to learn all he knows
Of salvation, love, forgiveness
Pity, angst and hope
I have never met anyone like him
Nor do I believe I ever will
For in a world forever moving
His heart remains restlessly still