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Dependence Day
by Michael Daniel

For the most part the people of this country have become so apathetic, complacent and hypnotized by political correctness and technology, that hardly anyone is paying attention to reality. People are numbing their minds, being addicted to video games, computer chatting, blogging, googling, twittering, myspace, facebook and a thousand other diversions and distractions. We would rather stare into a mindless screen and punch buttons than hear someone's voice or look them in the eye.

When people stop coming together, whether in voice or in person, it is a certainty that any country whose citizens are alienated from one another by the world and the things of it; that nation will come to a swift and bitter end. If "We the People" are to survive and this nation endure as a free society, we must echo the resolve of our founders with the same conviction.

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"

"No taxation without representation!"

"Millions for charity, but not one penny for tribute!"

These were the cries of our forefathers and they matched their words with action. It mattered not that their bodies would probably be slain. They knew that this life is nothing but a shadow of the True Life in Christ.

I am not advocating violence. I am merely pointing out the fact that if we continue to fuel the raging inferno of out of control government with tax dollars that obviously go to anyone and everyone except the common people of America, the political juggernaut in Washington will roll over us all and destroy the land that we hold so dear; or at least used to. The so-called elected officials will be telling us what to do and how to do it.

If we do not wake up, deny ourselves, and return to the Father, depending on God Almighty and Him alone, our fate will be just as Jesus Himself predicted more than two centuries ago.

"EVERY nation divided against itself is laid waste, and every house divided against itself CANNOT stand!"

I pray the "government of the people, by the people and for the people" has not already perished from the earth.

Our only hope is and always has been in God and God alone; in and through Christ Jesus. Will we return to Him in absolute surrender and total dependence? This day let us declare out independence once again, only this time, let us declare our independence from man, government and religion, and declare allegiance and absolute dependence in and to GOD and NOTHING ELSE!

One in Christ Jesus,

Michael Daniel