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How We Gon’ Know?
by Denver Moore / Michael Daniel

“How anybody gon’ know Mister Mike?”
“How anybody gon’ know what Mister Moore?”

I had only spoken with Denver Moore a few times but I could tell by the tone of his voice and the way he asked the question that he already knew the answer. He wanted to know if I knew.

“How anybody gon’ know God when all the time folks got they head stuck in a book? I can talk to you ‘bout this stuff Mister Mike and you won’t get mad, but some folks thinks I’m a bad man or is blasphemin’ or somethin’ but I ain’t. It just seems like lots of folks is tryin’ to pull God outta somethin’ or someone and that ain’t never gon’ happen. You know what I mean Mister Mike?”

I knew exactly what Denver Moore meant but I also knew that I needed to keep my trap shut and listen. Wisdom was about to be freely given and I was the blessed recipient so I simply replied; “Yes Sir, I believe I do.” Denver continued:

“How we gon’ really know God trying to get Him out of a man or woman? How we gon’ know God for real lookin’ for Him in some kinda religion; in some kinda system? I don’t mean know ‘bout God Mister Mike. I mean really, honest know who God is?”

There was a childlike excitement in his voice and with his every word the anticipation of mystery revealed was mounting inside me.

“Mister Mike…so many folks is tryin’ to get to God and know Him by doin’ somethin’; like tryin’ to make a deal with Him. Thinks if they does somethin’ for God He’ll turn round and do somethin’ for them. Thinks that we is all way down here and God is way off yonder someplace far off outta reach. Most people thinks that we all got to get a education or study all the time, then we know, but that just ain’t so. It ain’t so at all.”

“You’re right Mister Moore. That ain’t so. That’s not the way it works, not even a little bit.”

“Mister Mike, everybody’s lookin’ for God everywhere on the outside. He ain’t in no book and He ain’t in no preacher and He ain’t in nothin’ or no one on the outside. You got to go inside cause that’s where God is. In the deepest place inside you. And ain’t nobody gon’ make God tell you nothin’. Ain’t nobody gon’ have no wisdom ‘bout nothin’ if they thinks they can read about it or hear about it from some man or woman. That got to come from revelation. That got to come from the Holy Spirit inside us Mister Mike and that ain’t somethin’ that can be bargained for. You can’t achieve revelation. You can’t work for what’s free.”

“You’re so right again Mister Moore. You can’t buy a gift can you? If you have to trade for it or pay for it, it’s not a gift.”

“Just like Jesus Mister Mike! He done give all of His Self and done put all His Self inside us so why does everybody keep lookin’ everywhere on the outside? It don’t make no sense! I guess folks thinks they can feel better ‘bout themselves if they think they doin’ somethin’ for God, but nobody can do nothin’ for God. Jesus wouldn’t a said we couldn’t if we could. It ain’t ‘bout feelin’ better about your self. It’s about bein’ dead to it. Reckon that’s why He said you got to deny your self. Truth is there ain’t but one Self. Ain’t but one Life. So how we gon’ know Mister Mike all the time lookin’ on the outside?”

“Well, we kinda become like a mouse in a wheel don’t we Mister Moore? Running around and around and never getting anywhere. Maybe that’s why God told us to simply; “Be still and know that I am God!”

“That’s it Mister Mike! God made His Self known to me in the cotton fields and the shotgun shacks and the streets and the dark alleyways. And I heard Him then, and I still hears Him…from way deep inside. And that’s how we gon’ know Mister Mike. That’s the only Way!”