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Wholeness: There's Nothing Wrong With Adam
by John Fautley

What is Light and Darkness?

God said, “ Let there be Light. And there was Light ”. Gen 1:3
Light – Enlightenment – Knowing – Awareness, this is the Light referred to here, because Jesus said, “ I AM the Light ”, John 8:12, John 9:5. So this Light is God Himself.

So what then is Darkness? If we look on the physical plane, we know about light, whether it be from the Sun or from an electric light bulb, but the interesting thing to note is that there is no ‘dark switch’, only the ‘light switch’. If we sit in a pitch-black room, totally in the dark, we only have to throw the light switch and the darkness disappears. Where does it go? Of course it goes nowhere, because there was nothing there in the first place, to go anywhere. Because darkness of itself is not something, in fact it is actually nothing. Darkness cannot exist of itself. Darkness is nothing, void, zilch. So darkness is nothing, light is something, or maybe we could say dark is the negative, light is the positive. You cannot get rid of nothing, but you can get rid of something, that’s why it is possible to turn the light out, and return to the darkness or rather to the nothing, the absence of light. This of course is physical light, recognised by us in a material world. But, what of the spiritual light? What of the light that Jesus spoke of when He said, “ I am the Light “. Obviously He does not mean the physical sunlight, we do not worship the physical sun. No, when Jesus says, “ I AM the Light “, He means He is the All seeing eye, The Power, The Glory, The All. The Knower. The Mind. God. Yet Jesus also says we are the Light of the world. Matt 5:14. Also, it says that He (Christ,) was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the World. John 1:9. How can this be? Is He the Light or are we The Light? Or are we all The Light? How can this be, when all we see around us is chaos, chance, luck, disease and death?
Maybe we might understand better if we examine, and look into what the darkness is. We already know that darkness is nothing, the absence of light, we also know the story of how the first Adam ate from the wrong tree and was ‘seemingly’ ejected from the garden. We could say, “ He was placed into the darkness ”. This was the real beginning of the dark ages and is to many, still here, though they be not aware of it. There are many scriptures that strongly relate to this darkness to which the first Adam became subject to; here are just a few of them:

And the Light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehends it not. John 1:5

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. John 3:19.

The Light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy body shall be full of light. Mat: 6:22.
But, if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness. Mat 6:23.

For God, who commanded the Light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. 2Cr 4:6.

So, we are told that man seemingly prefers to remain in his darkness, rather than come to The Light, because his deeds are evil. What are these deeds and how are they evil? God’s eyes, we are told are too pure to behold evil. Hab 1:13, yet here it seems man is able to see something, that God cannot see, or at least chooses not to see – evil deeds. But, what are they?

For too long we have looked on the word evil, and thought of it as something bad, or terrible, or life-wrecking. We must remember that Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, having been told not to eat from it. And the day he did he died (inwardly), and past from the Light realm, (Paradise, Heaven on Earth), into the darkness. The same Paradise, but now, the lights have gone out on him, and therefore, it cannot be perceived by him, as such, in the dark. So in answer to what are these evil deeds, we must look at what it means to be operating in the dark, this ‘nothing’ called darkness. It is as though Adam who is now at one with the dark, has been enveloped by this darkness and in a way has become this darkness, as he himself has now moved into a realm of separation from God, that did not exist prior to the eating from the wrong tree. So for Adam, this ‘dark age’ that has come on him, has now created for him an ‘I am just me’ complex. That God is up there and I am down here consciousness. Adam has moved from being a God Self, to a separate self. Adam now stands in a position to his God where Jesus’ words, “If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness.” Have become to Adam a reality. Adam is not devoid of any light at all, he is still able to think, he still has a consciousness, but it is dark light, it is the misuse of the True one and only light, because the light that Adam now has is perceived by him to be his own, hence, he thinks and operates as I am just me. Therefore the deeds, the evil deeds that are committed by Adam are not necessarily bad acts, or good acts, or indifferent acts, the thing is they are ‘self’ acts. Therefore every breath that man takes form a standpoint of, I am just me, and this is’ just me breathing’, is sin, and error. That’s why we are told that everything that is not of faith (in God), is sin. And that sin is no more than unbelief. So man seemingly devoid of God’s spirit, can only commit evil deeds, by using his dark light, or rather misusing the ‘True Light’ in the darkness. So man paints his own self-image, with the dark light that he has in his darkness, and then wonders why he is unable to understand his own portrait, when he looks at it with his darkened sight, through his evil eye. He can only look at himself and say, “ Who on Earth am I? “

Adam, is called the first Adam, Jesus is called the second Adam. This is wonderful, because here by calling them this they are levelled up. The difference being, that before the fall, the first Adam could not say, “ I AM the Light “, because he at that point had no ‘self’ awareness of any kind of humanity, because of his naivety, his innocence. The second Adam however was Self aware and therefore was able to say, “ I AM the Light “, because as a real human being He had Himself, grown in His awareness of His True, Real Self. From “ I am about my Father’s business “, to, “ If you have seen ME, you have seen The Father “. This is no different from saying, “ I AM the Light “. Yet, again we are told, ‘We are The Light’. So, how do we move from the first Adam’s dark realm and the ‘I am just me’ complex/consciousness where all our deeds are evil, to the second Adam’s realm of Light, where God’s will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven, and where our deeds are righteous?

We are told that we cannot come to the Light (God), unless He himself draws us. So our first prayer to begin with has to be, “Father draw us to your self”. Having planted that seed, let it go, and let it come to fruition as He is faithful to answer our call. He wants to draw close to us as much as we want to draw close to Him, for in truth the one doing the drawing, is the same as the one being drawn. For in reality, there is and always has been only the One.

When this prayer is answered, we then, for the first time in our lives get a glimpse of ‘reality’. Of the Light, of our True and real selves. Though at this point we are far more familiar with our darkness and with our ‘I am just me’ complex, that we do not recognise just what it is we are really seeing. We then ‘try’ to make sense of what we have seen by returning to our old ways of employing the darkness to get our answers, by employing the one we have known all our lives the ‘I am just me, person’. Like a dog returns to its vomit, so we return (albeit through ignorance), to ‘try’ and find out what we have seen, and also what we are now supposed to do with it. This initial seeing has been called many things, by many different people. Some have said, “ I have been enlightened”. Some have said, “ I have seen the light”. Some have said, “ I have been converted “. Some have said, “ I have been born again “. All meaning the same thing. But what about the returning, what about the going back into the dark again, where it would seem that somehow, the ‘switch’ has been thrown and the lights have gone out, what do people say about that? The thing that I have heard, and I do not like, because I do not believe it is true, is that this initial glimpse into the True realm, this initial seeing of one’s true self, (even though this has not been recognised), has been cleverly put aside by calling it a ‘honeymoon period’, and like all honeymoon’s, when they come to an end, we now have to get back to the down to earth life of ‘trying’ to make this marriage work. The huge give away word here is ‘trying’. Never are we asked by God to ‘try’ to do anything. Many times we are asked to ‘let’, but never to try. Try is a tool of the darkness, try is a faithless tool by its very own nature. When the first Adam stood bathed in his True self in the Garden of Paradise, (before the fall), he did not have to ‘try’ to do anything. He just was and just did, naturally normally and with all the ease that one would expect of God when He does anything, as at this point anything Adam did, was really God doing it, for Adam and God at this point were in union as the One. . God even ‘let’ the Universe come, He did not ‘try’ to create it.

So, to continue, our initial prayer has been answered and we have tasted of the Lord and we now know He is good. We have seen that Light and we now know that nothing else in the whole Universe can satisfy us. He alone is our meat and drink, the food from heaven that always satisfies. So now we set our sails and we, (like Christian, in John Bunyon’s Pilgrim’s Progress), head for the Eternal City. We don’t even know how we are going to get there. We have no idea of the journey, or what may happen on the way, but we are determined to get there, so that we for all time may bask in that All Loving Light. AS we travel on, in the darkness, walking through the shadow of death, we cling, by faith to our hope, that as He promised, He would lead us into all truth, and that as He promised, He would complete the work that He Himself has started, that He actually will.

If one were to examine the journey, in hindsight, one would notice that, every time the Light went on again, and every time the City was glimpsed, was during the times of fatigue, of weariness of giving up the journey. Every time. This has to be so, because ground can only be made, by the giving up, nothing can be had by the holding onto it, but by the letting go of it. This lesson of ‘letting go’ eventually sinks into us and we start to recognise, that the way to attain anything is by letting it go. We then come to see a greater mystery, which is even a far greater blessing, when we recognise, that the reason we are letting go, to attain, is because we already have what we are trying to get.

We finally learn that by throwing ourselves into the Light we die, we are burned up and we are no more, for we are told that no man shall see God and live, and we have already seen that The Light is God. Yet we are also told that when he shall appear, we shall be like him, for we shall see Him as He is.
Do we want to be burned up? Do we want to die? Of course we don’t, we hang onto our lives like a drowning man hangs on to his float. But at last we see just what it is that’s dying here. It is our friend of old the darkness. Nothing is being lost, as there was nothing there to lose in the first place. Merely, a figment of our own imagination. A self that never ever did exist as itself. A nothing, a negative that is now disappeared in the Light of its true and real Self. We come to see that all our limitations that we have suffered, are but lies, and have been painted on to our ‘self-portrait’, in the darkness of ignorance, by our false selves. Even by others we may argue, but if another has daubed your portrait with some of his or her own paint, you must have somewhere, somehow accepted it and taken it to yourself and believed it, or how else could you have it, so even this does not detract from you being your own ‘self-portrait. No wonder we have caught diseases, no wonder we have been poor, no wonder we have died. We have employed that ‘dark light’ or perhaps better to say we have misused the ‘true light’ in our ignorance, in our darkness, to create havoc.

Now we can laugh with God, for now we can see that there is nothing wrong with us, and there never was. There’s nothing wrong with Adam. There is nothing wrong with our Self Portrait, only that it (the screen on which our portrait is seen), has had many false images applied to it over the years, through the false and lying slides that have been put into the projector, our consciousness, and we have up until now not had a screen saver, therefore these images have burned themselves on, but only to the screen, NOT thank God to the projector.

We can now employ our ‘screensaver’, now we know who the ‘screensaver’ is and never again allow any false images, (lies), to be portrayed there, we now no how not to trespass, and why we ask for our trespasses to be forgiven should we momentarily be caught out, and forget we are The Screensaver, as we also forgive those that would trespass against us, and try and hang a false image on our portrait/screen.

Time to stop telling lies about our beautiful selves. Time to stop hearing lies about our beautiful selves. Time to stop seeing lies about our beautiful selves.

I’m just going out to buy one of those little figurines of the 3 wise monkeys. I remember my Grandmother had one on her mantelpiece, when I was very small. Obviously God was trying to get my attention even then.

P.S. Strangely enough after typing this up I thought I’d just check out the ‘Thought for today’, in my emails, and low and behold it was a C.S. Lewis quote. Isn’t God clever, C.S. Lewis was the person who lead me to The Light at the beginning of my journey.
Here it is below:

Evil Is The Misuse Of Good
C.S. Lewis

''Badness is only spoiled goodness. The bad power cannot supply himself either with good things to desire or with good impulses to pervert. He must be getting both from the Good Power. Evil is a parasiste, not an original thing. The powers which enable evil to carry on are powers given it by goodness. Christianity thinks this Dark Power was created by God, and was good when he was created, and went wrong. The universe is at war, but this is not a war between independent powers (dualism). We are living in a part of the universe occupied by the rebel. Christians believe that an evil power has made himself for the present the Prince of this World.

How did the Dark Power go wrong? The moment you have a self at all, there is a possibility of putting yourself first ¬ wanting to be the centre ¬ wanting to be God, in fact. That was the sin of Satan: and that was the sin he taught the human race. What Satan put into the heads of our remote ancestors was the idea that they could ''be like gods'' ¬ could set up on their own as if they had created themselves ¬ be their own masters ¬ invent some sort of happiness for themselves outside God, apart from God. And out of that hopeless attempt has come nearly all that we call human history ¬ money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery ¬ the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.''

(C. S. Lewis - Mere Christianity. Macmillan Publishing, 1978. Pgs. 49-54)