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Clark Kent or SUPERMAN
by John Fautley

Surely God really does love America, for He has given the whole nation a Wonderful picture of the Truth, that Jesus Christ revealed to us, in the analogy of Clark Kent and Superman. Of Course God loves every nation and everybody of every nation. And God’s Truth is sign posted throughout the world for those that have eyes to see and ears to here. For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

But as Clark Kent and Superman are uniquely American, let us look at the analogy:

In the story of Clark Kent and Superman, we all know that they are one and the same person, we even laugh as ‘watchers on’ at the foolishness of those characters in the movie, who know both Clark Kent and have also seen Superman, that they do not realize who Clark Kent really is.

But let us just suppose for a minute, that Clark Kent got so hypnotized by his Clark Kent identity, that he lost all recognition of his Superman identity. He would spend the rest of his days limited to only what Clark Kent the reporter was capable of doing i.e. (reporting). He would have to stand by and watch one catastrophe after another, and be powerless to do anything about it, after all newspaper reporters can’t fly, or have the strength of a railway engine, as the old movies suggested.

But, supposing for one moment, in a flash of revelation and awareness, he remembers who he truly is? He delays no longer. He puts on his Superman mantle (cloak and suit), and flies to the aid of all who need him. In his now, NEW consciousness of Superman, and the old Clark Kent consciousness has disappeared.

So it is with any man that HEARS the Father speak, saying “Arise and Shine, for your Light Has Come”. He forgets his old Clark Kent consciousness and puts on His Christ mantle, and goes to the aid of those that need Him.

“Feed my Sheep”. Is a Marvelous command, but Clark Kent does not have the power to do it. But as soon as he remembers who he really is, he is away with his cloak flying magnificently in the wind fulfilling the command.

Isn’t it Wonderful that your job on Earth is to Bless.