Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

Emotion is from God
by John Collings

Why is the emotion so intense, in a ways that can't be ignored, as if He wants to use it to push us out where we must see our true selves. It seems the only choices are to quench the feeling (only for it to come back even stronger), or to let it control us (then surely we are pushed into a position of weakness or regret).

Perhaps He calls us simply to see more clearly something we have been blind to. Not to act in an emotional or irrational manner, but to SEE with his eyes our relationship to people or things that we have seen before in a haze. Our tendency is to hide our feelings and these shows of weakness and let them breed bitterness, but He wants them brought out of the festering darkness to be aired in the brightness of his light.

* Anger cries notice me.
* Frustration shouts love me.
* Fear questions my abilities.
* False securities pull me.

And the one who is all fulfillment is assuring, "You have no needs outside of me."