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If I Make by Bed in Hell
by David Heisler

“If I Make by Bed in Hell”

”If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.” Psalm 139.8

I think the general consensus about this verse is that God is omnipresent (in all places at all times) – so, wherever you “happen” to be – He is there. And, of course, that is a perfectly sensible understanding. But, I think there’s more.

In reality – we really never “happen” to be anywhere – we are where He places us – for His purpose.

I think this verse is really about choice. Not too many would choose hell. Jesus did as Peter tells us that Jesus preached to the spirits in prison (hell). (1 Peter 3:19) Perhaps also Mother Teresa chose to be in hell (the streets of Calcutta).

To be in hell or not to be in hell is really not our choice - rather, the choice is, when I find myself in hell, will I make my bed or not make my bed.

If you can escape hell – do it, but for most, there will be moments in life, perhaps long moments, when you find yourself “in hell”. Describe your “hell” your way – you know what I mean. And it’s easy to consider that it’s “all about me” – “my problems” – but it never is.

Jesus chose hell to bring life – His very self – to those He found there. When Jesus chooses to put you in hell – you are Him in your hell – to those you find there. Just look around. You are the conduit of His life.

So, we are back at the “choice”. So, the choice is that you can either fight it – or – you can make your bed. Inotherwords, get comfortable, accept your hell and realize this is not about “you”, but rather about you “as Him to your world – in hell”.