Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

The Dandelion
by John Fautley

I received a mental illustration of a Dandelion. It helped me to understand and see how Jesus Christ came to our Planet, how He died, how He rose, how He ascended and best of all: how He is born again in us, His vessels, his unique forms of Him.

Firstly I must explain that this illustration only applies to the ‘head’ the flower part of the dandelion, the stem and the leaves are not relevant to the illustration.

Stage 1:
The yellow flower that we know so well, represents the human being we know as the historic Jesus of Nazereth. The flower is born, the flower grows to maturity and its beauty is there for all to see. But then in its proper time the yellow fades and dies, and the yellow flower is seen no more. It has gone from our vision. This speaks to me of the physical death of Jesus on the cross, where He died, was taken down and buried.

Stage 2:
But then low and behold, a few days later we look again and see that somehow the flower has returned, but it is not the same. It is the same plant, but it is different. It is no longer yellow and it is spherical, almost glowing with a silvery shimmer, kind of ghost like. Yet we know somehow it is still the very same dandelion. This speaks to me of the resurrection of Christ. It was still the same Jesus that rose, but somehow He was different, changed, people who knew Him recognized his character and person, but He wasn’t the same as He was before, there was something different about Him.

Stage 3:
Then once again in its proper time, the wind blows and the sphere kind of separates and flies off into the air on the wind and disappears to who knows where?
This speaks to me of Jesus’ Ascension, where He disappeared before the eyes of the on-lookers into the sky. The wind I see as the Holy Spirit and the seeds of the sphere, the risen Christ, as He is called up to sit at The Father’s right hand.

There you may think it ends, but it doesn’t. There is Stage 4, and for us probably the most important stage.

Stage 4:
What happened to the seeds? Where did they go? Well, we know that the Wind held them and placed them in the chosen place where they too laid and died, only to rise as the New expressions of the original Dandelion. The very same one, not a separate one, but the same one all new expressions, forms of the original. This speaks to me of the Gospel, seed, ’word’ being planted in the ‘ground’ of our hearts and when that seed bursts forth we say “ I am born again”. Who is born again? We? I believe that is Christ in us by His Holy Spirit saying I AM born again. And there we are New creatures, born from above, born by His Spirit, from Him the Original. Our Big Brother, our Shower of the Way, our Captain, Saviour and Best Friend. And here are we, with our safe identity, back home and One with Him, who’s prayer in John 17 has been answered, that we may be One in Him as He is One in The Father and the Father is One in Him.