Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

Everything is Revelant
by John Fautley

In God’s scheme of things, everything is relevant. Every tiny detail of life. Even, the seeming insignificant trifles. Everything counts, and nothing is wasted. This is because, “I come not to destroy, but to fulfill”. Not even the crumbs were wasted after the feeding of the 5,000. He told the guys to pick them all up so as not to waste anything. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy, for everything is relevant, from the greatest to the smallest; even a sparrow to Him, does not fall to the ground, until it has fulfilled the ‘word’ it came to do. All is important and all is precious, and all is relevant. Especially YOU.

Because of God’s oneness of everything, all is in balance, and every action has its reaction. Jesus said, “Seek and ye shall find”. In this saying is wonderful balance, for the degree with which you search, is measured back to you with the degree that you find. If you seek much, you find much, and if you seek little, you find little.

If you knock on the door much, it WILL be opened to you, but if you knock on the door little, how much more must you knock, till it will be opened to you?

Also He says, “ As you judge, so are you judged”. So those that judge much, are also judged greatly.

If you love God much, He loves you much, but if you love Him little, then it also appears to you that he loves you little. For your measuring stick determines all, and that stick that you measure by is yours alone. Nobody else’s, just yours.

If you hold yourself back, then He too holds Himself back. If you boldly go in the name of Him, you go far, but if you only stay within the confines of your own safety in the name of ‘self’, you will travel no distance at all, and you will remain with yourself, and never discover your Real Self.

Seek and you SHALL find. Keep knocking, and never give up, until you and He are ONE and the same. Then you will find that you have come home.