Christ As Us
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Daily Thoughts  

by John Collings

Now I see what it means to be a father.
No longer looking about, seeking acceptance.
Feigning righteousness, needing approval.
All I am is of God.
The spiritual is reality.
Mystical supercedes logic.
God is tangible.
Only when I forget does the world blind me.

But fatherhood is more.
It is seeing the futile struggles of the children,
Struggling against their nature,
Not trusting because they cannot see or hear.
It is loving them through their trials.
And sharing with them His burdens for others.

All is Good.
Each crisis potentially brings on understanding.

The children need a father, or they begin to make their own rules.
And to misunderstand the purpose behind their growing.
Without a father they think themselves mature.
And their growing stagnates.

A father sees the vast limitless power
And resources of God as accessible.
He sees with God's eyes into the needs of his children.
And as they know him, they grow.

God gave us church that His children might have fathers,
and that fathers might know the joy
of loving children to maturity.